Built to international industry specifications, our recording process will be concise with the right tools to see your project through to high standard, whilst in a relaxed and stress free environment. Studio gear is both analogue and digital and all of the engineers we use are trained, holding qualifications in audio engineering.
Services available:
- Voice over recordings for television, radio or internet / intranet - Recording demo's - EP's - Albums - Telephone script recordings & sound reconstruction / manipulation
  • All of our recordings are recorded through our Universal Audio Apollo interfaces. We can record up to 24bit/192kHz.

  • Currently we use a Tascam DM4800 as our DAW controller for Logic X,  this allows us to do touch automation.  These days we mainly mix in the box.

  • We are constantly purcuring new microphones to add to our collection, its an addiction thats not going to stop anytime soon!

  • Currently we stock the following microphones: AKG414, Townsend Labs Sphere L22, Cascade Ribbon Knucklehead, AKG c1000's, AKG D440's, AKG D112, Rode NTK Valve mic, Rode NT1a, Shure SM7B, SM57's, Beta 57a's and SM87a's.

  • Our outboard gear includes a fantastic range of preamps: UA 6176, UA LA610 Mk2, UA 4710d, and Universal Audio Apollo units. 

  • We also have a wide variety of Universal Audio plugins for use via tracking or mixing, including: Neve 1081& 1073's, API collection, SSL, and world famous compressors such as the 1176 collection, LA2a collection and Fairchild's. 

  • We use the amazing Genelec 8050 speakers as our 
    reference monitors.

  • The Genelec series of speakers are found around the world in many top studios. They are flat and uncompromising in quality and deliver an accurate representation of the recording. 

  • We maintain a small backline of high quality instruments and amplifiers for use in the studio. 

  • Instruments Include: Ibanez Prestige bass guitar, Trace Elliot SMX400 tube bass amp, Fender guitar amp, Yamaha electric drums for use with Addictive Drums, Ibanez JEM electric guitar, Nektar P4 midi keyboard.